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Integrate AI-Generated Summarization With One Unified API

Summarizing voice content has never been easier! Now with a single API call you automatically transcribe and can generate concise, accurate summaries.

Summarization designed to improve readability & inform your audience

To get the best possible summaries of your audio content, you need the most accurate transcripts – and we provide you with just that!

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Build Summaries into your applications today to unlock efficiency and productivity across industries.

Save time extracting and communicating your media by automatically generating a concise summary - in real-time.

Harness the power of large language models (LLMs), and we will extract even more value from your audio data. Integrate with our API to enable Summaries for your applications.

Get insights and actionable takeaways with Speechmatics' Summaries!

Summaries build on our speech-to-text API, and benefits from recent improvements in accuracy offered by the Ursa generation models.

Putting ASR & LLMs to work

Built on the most accurate speech-to-text system, and harnessing the best in class LLMs you can expect quality summaries each time.

Abstractive Summaries

Our advanced approach that enables comprehension and generation of new language to deliver a summary that captures the essence of the content.

Unlimited Audio Duration

Got a 4-hour podcast to transcribe? No problem. Transcribe and summarize without limits!

Auto Content Detection

Tailor the summary format to match your needs - whether you need summaries in paragraph or bullet point format, we've got you covered.

Our Summarization In Action

We've summarized this 2hr podcast with Naval Ravikant on 'The Tim Ferris Show' to show you how accurate and powerful this feature is.

- Naval Ravikant discusses the corruption of science and the importance of understanding over memorization. - Naval emphasizes the possibility of achieving wealth and financial freedom through deliberate and systematic means. - The speaker discusses the use of cryptocurrency, particularly Bitcoin, as a means of protecting wealth and hedging against economic uncertainties. - The speaker believes that the number of people getting involved in cryptocurrency as a wealth protection mechanism is the largest they have ever seen. - The speaker discusses the importance of finding relationships that require minimal effort and are based on kindness and self-awareness. - The author discusses the importance of not fooling oneself and living an examined life in order to navigate reality more effectively.

Summaries has landed!

Summaries is available for you to test, without needing any code.

Integrate in seconds with a simple API, and customize the summary types to best fit your use case.

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Understand every voice at scale

Deploy Easily

Partnering with us gives you the convenience to transcribe and summarize in just a single API.

Save Time

Bid farewell to the time-consuming task of manually creating summaries. Automatically generate concise & useful summaries for your customers.

Deliver 100x Productivity

Enable seamless reviews of previous meetings and key highlights of conversations. Our API helps you recall & retain context when you need it most.

Leverage our AI-powered Summarization to fit your use case

Build summarization for a variety of your use cases with our easy to use API.

Contact Center: Streamline Customer Interactions, Boost Agent Performance

Empowers your agents to quickly comprehend and extract key information from customer interactions, support tickets, and chat logs. Concise summaries enables agents to respond faster, enhance customer satisfaction, and increase productivity.

Podcasts & Media: Enhance Engagement, Maximize Accessibility 

Effortlessly create episode summaries, highlight key insights, and generate show notes, to captivate audience attention and deliver engaging content. By condensing lengthy audio or video content into bite-sized summaries, you'll attract more listeners, enhance their engagement, and make your content more accessible.

Conversational Intelligence: Make every meeting count

Our Summarization API enables you to extract important meeting highlights, action items, and decisions, eliminating the need for participants to sift through lengthy recordings or transcripts. By providing concise meeting summaries, you'll enhance collaboration, improve decision-making, and save valuable time.

EdTech: Make Lectures and Courses Consumable

Automatically generate summaries of educational content to help learners accelerate their education by providing rich overviews of complex subject matter.  Empower educators and learners by providing them access to accessible learning materials with our Summarization API today.

Start Using Summaries Today!

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