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Contact Centers are in the business of talking. We understand.

Contact Center software companies (CCaaS) are given the power to transcribe, understand and unlock value for their customers with our unified speech-to-text API.

Speech, powered.

Foundational speech intelligence can improve every aspect of your offering.

Improve CX

Proactive understanding of every customer call means your users can spot trends, uncover pain points, and improve processes before the complaints roll in.

Optimize Agent Performance

Give agents the support and best practice guidance they need by drawing on the best (and most difficult) conversations. Empower supervisors and coaches to better monitor agent performance with ease.

Expand Your Horizons

Don’t let language and dialect barriers hold you back. Extend your offering with contact center solutions to cover diverse customer bases, without compromising quality of service and features.

Accurate Transcription is only the beginning.

Endless contact center solutions can benefit from accurate ASR, powered by Speechmatics.

Customer Insight and Analytics

Tap into the goldmine of customer data locked within voice interactions.

Accurately transcribed conversations become searchable and analyzable text, providing valuable insights into customer preferences, pain points, and emerging trends.

Agent Training & Performance Monitoring

Use historic conversations to power great training, and provide personalized feedback at scale to every agent, using transcribed calls as a foundation for best practice.

Intelligent Call Routing

Integrate with your Interactive Voice Response (IVR) to enable you to gain accurate context of user intent that can be used to dynamically route calls to the most suitable agent, ensuring faster resolutions and personalized customer experiences.

Automated Compliance

By integrating our API into contact center operations, you can ensure adherence to regulatory requirements automatically and with ease.

Elevate your compliance standards and gain peace of mind by automating the collection of accurate conversations in real time.

ASR just got an upgrade. Speech Intelligence is here.

Explore the latest breakthroughs in speech and AI, all built on category leading accuracy.

“We teamed up with Speechmatics to ensure we deliver the best speech technology on the market."

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Mariano Tan

President & CEO, Prosodica part of Vail Systems

Comprehensive Features (without ‘comprehensive’ set up times)

We're specialists in speech, which means you can focus on your customers, and leave the talking to us.

Accurate Transcription

Our latest update, Ursa, delivers unprecedented performance across a diverse range of voices, no matter how noisy the background. We observe relative accuracy gains of 22% and 25% versus Microsoft and OpenAI’s Whisper respectively.


Our ASR supports 50 languages, covering over half the world’s population, with unmatched accuracy. Whether you need Brazilian Portuguese or Canadian French, we have you covered with a single language model that supports all associated accents and dialects.


Real-time transcription and translation for 69 language pairs, powered by unparalleled accuracy, speed and simplicity, all using a single API. You’ll get initial transcriptions in milliseconds, with context-driven accuracy improvements over time.

Flexibility of Deployment

Deliver for diverse customer needs with support for Cloud and on-prem deployments. Switch seamlessly between the two or a combination of the two.

"Partnering with Speechmatics is enabling us to extend our market leadership."

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Chris Berry

Managing Director, Liquid Voice

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