Use Cases - Media Monitoring & Intelligence

A unified API for all your media monitoring needs

Create efficient workflows and processes with a single API that transcribes accurately, translates and provides sentiment analysis and topic detection.

Everything you need in one place

Media monitoring across geographies

Highly accurate transcription supported in 50 languages, and fast, low-latency translation in 30+ languages, all with a single, unified API.

Simplify workflows with automatic language detection and high accuracy regardless of the dialect or accent being spoken.

Never miss a mention

See how people feel about new campaigns, the latest market trends, and new terms with Sentiment.

Simply add Topics to accurate transcription to quickly detect threats, manage crises, and provide sectoral intelligence and media reputation.

Don't miss a beat with Custom Dictionary

Introduce Custom Dictionary to your Speech API and boost accuracy when monitoring proper nouns, acronyms, or industry-specific terms by providing a list of custom words. 

Custom Dictionary enables users to input difficult terms into the dictionary so that when they are mentioned, they are transcribed without error (in real-time!).

Flexible deployment options

Balance speed to market with security and flexibility of deployment options.

Meet architecture, security and compliance needs by hosting our API On-Prem, in your own environment. Flexibly combine with Cloud if required.

Or avoid the cost and complexity of building a high-availability system from scratch, and get instant, secure, and scalable access to our API through our cloud deployment.

“The increasing adoption of Artificial Intelligence (AI) based monitoring tools are (one of) the primary factors likely to accelerate industry demand across the globe.”

Excerpt from Research and Market's Media Monitoring Tools Report 2022

Member of FIBEP

Part of a very exclusive club...

Speechmatics is a proud member of FIBEP

FIBEP is the world's media intelligence association, focused on providing enterprise-scale solutions in the field of media monitoring.

The federation was founded in 1953 and now has over 130 corporate members, driven to provide media monitoring and analysis solutions.

Don't wait to hear things on the grapevine with our unified API for all your Media Intelligence.

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