Use Cases - Meeting Platforms

Goodbye Note Taking

Build a meeting platform that makes a real difference to your end users with automated note taking, a comprehensive feature set and analytics across 50 languages.

Have You Heard?

A global meeting platform implemented our API and reduced time spent notetaking by 90%, saving their customers thousands of wasted hours.

Stand Out From the Crowd

As working styles change and socializing online becomes more normal, the expectations on meeting platforms will grow. Differentiate your platform and maximize your total addressable market with a market leading speech partner. Covering nearly every native language with unrivaled accuracy, our speech-to-text API helps you to deliver the very best end user experience, automating key processes and improving the quality and efficiency of your meeting platform.

Key Benefits of Speech-to-Text

Stay at the front of the market with a partner that routinely introduces new features.

Excel in Every Environment

Deliver accurate transcriptions and services in even the noisiest environment.

Understand Every Voice

Capture every conversation with an API that covers 50 languages and is built to understand speakers regardless of their demographic, accent or dialect.

Identify Who Said What

Record exactly what was said by each participant – even when they talk over each other – with speaker and channel diarization.

Maximize Efficiency

Enable end users to spend time on the things that matter. Automate note taking or enable fast search of content with our word timings feature.

Reduce Customer Costs

Keep end user costs down with batched transcription for audio files, our API can process an hour of audio in less than five minutes.

Deploy Flexibly

Deliver for every security, privacy and data sovereignty requirement with deployment available on Cloud, OnPrem or OnDevice.

"Machine Learning and AI technologies are enabling companies to optimize the usage of collaboration platforms and enhance meeting efficiency.”

Excerpt from Grand View Research's Video Conferencing Report 2022

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